Brigitte Konyen was born in Gmunden, Upper Austria and lives in Vienna. Her focus is on photography, installation and object art; for a very long time, she has been working in the medium of the so-called "Foto-Flechtbild", where photographs are not an end result but the source material for new image constructions. Numerous exhibitions and curatorial projects characterize her biography. In technically complex work processes Konyen interweaves narrow stripes of identical or different photographs - often images of personal memory - or, since recently, she has also mounted with pins shreds of torn pictures to create new images between reality and illusion. The cutting-up process is used to destroy the starting material - a destructive act which implies distrust of the so-called true-to-reality photographic image. During the assembly of the stripes or shreds of photographs a shifting takes place, a pixelated or pointillistic fragmentation of the motif happens. Landscape, nature, personal and everyday photographs are transformed into more or less abstract raster images in which composition, perspective and space-time structures of the source material are wiped out. Thus the pictures have titles like "abstracts" or "decomposition". The denial of an unambiguous readability of these artificial constructs simultaneously opens up new references and narrations and points out the multiple layers of reality. The viewers are animated to search for clues in these sometimes mysterious, constructed worlds of wonder, stopping in a fluctuating state between irritation and illumination, illusion and reality, confusion and order.
Petra Noll-Hammerstiel, 2017